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Puppy Cake Smash


Finch’s Puppy Cake Smash

Four years ago I decided to start doing “cake smashes” for my Setters on their birthdays. Sometimes they get a little elaborate with themes and backdrops and custom cakes… ok, maybe more “always” than “sometimes”. For Sparrow’s first birthday I made her a double layered peanut butter cake with yogurt icing and covered it with hand dyed sesame seeds to approximate sprinkles (hand dying seeds for days is definitely a labor of love). For Finch’s first birthday, I made a triple layer cake – banana, peanut butter, and red velvet (sans chocolate) – with yogurt frosting and some pre-made sugar decorations (the dogs don’t generally like the hard candies and spit them out). For Sparrow’s third birthday I decided to throw her an “Alice in Wonderland” style tea-party (she LOVES mint tea}. I covered the table with specially made dog treats but it was the big stack of colorful macaroons that caught her attention! For Finch’s second birthday we had a tennis theme. He had a two layer banana cake with little tennis ball cake pops (banana cake with icing and dyed coconut powder) and some sugar candies (which ended up all over my floor). For Sparrow’s fourth birthday I made her a croquembouche made up of glazed Tim Horton’s Timbits, the treat I give her during agility classes – that girl will RUN for cake! This year, for Finch’s third birthday, I decided to do a “The Little Prince” theme (Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s not-quite-for-children children’s book).  His shoot included red bow ties, yellow scarves, a fox, some lambs, and a double layered peanut butter cake covered in little yellow fondant stars and one perfect red rose. Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at what a photo shoot entails and then go through the gallery to see the finished images from Finch’s 3rd Birthday Cake Smash! *All cakes are made using mixes from puppycake.com.

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