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Finch | The Lisping Dog

Full Name/Nicknames: “RoundRiver’s A. Finch”, Mr. Finch, Finchie-poo, Baby Boy, Kiddo, Monster Breed: English Setter Age: 3 Gender: Male Favorite Activities: Chasing tennis balls and laying on mom
Finch is a frequent working (paid in treats) model at Pouka seeing as he’s the photographer’s youngest dog. He loves the camera… well, OK, he really loves the treats. He’s the first one in front of the lights as soon as the camera comes out, enthusiastically following the treat or the tennis ball with his nose to show off his unique profile. Finch has a few interesting characteristics. He was born deaf (read more about Deaf English Setters here) and visually impaired – neither of which slow him down at all. He has a severe under bite which gives him a very patrician “Roman nose” and a nerve impingement in his jaw (hypoglossal nerve disorder) which caused a partial paralysis of his tongue so that it hangs out of a gap in his teeth on the right side. None of this bothers him in the least but it does make for some very unique photographs! Finch loves to run and jump and is obsessed with tennis balls. For his second birthday, I bought him 300 used tennis balls… (we’re still finding them everywhere)
Finch is “The Lisping Dog” because I imagine that if he could speak, he would sound a bit like Daffy Duck. “Thuffering thuccotash!”

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I'm an internationally award-winning pet photographer, digital artist, and author. My chili has won a few trophies as well! I live in Grove City, Ohio with a multitude of pets and a very patient school teacher. I love meeting new people and am more than happy to chat about dogs and photography.

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The Lisping What?

The Lisping What?

If you're curious as to how this blog got its name, check out the Model Spotlight post about Finch. He's The Lisping Dog!

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