My Fairy Dogmother

“My Fairy Dogmother” is my second International Photographic Competition Loan image . It is another “case filler”, an image not originally intended for competition and stuck into a case to fill it out. I was shooting an image for a children’s book I’m working on called “Finch and The Spot Fairy”. I was trying out various crowns to see how they would photograph and Sparrow was modeling with her typical bored expression. “Yeah, fine. But there had better be treats later.”

This was the final image:

One of the test images turned out pretty well – I loved the way the light fell on her so I tacked on some wings and posted her on my business page.

The post. Blew. Up. The image reached over 48 THOUSAND people and was shared over 2,000 times. That’s… uh… a bit more than my usual reach. So when I was looking for an image to pad out my case for the spring State Print Competition, I figured I would go with my FB followers’ gut and add this one. I took off the wings (no added elements for a portrait submission) and submitted “My Fairy Dogmother.”  It scored an 82 with no challenge. That seemed about right to me so I prepared to submit it to our Northeast District competition. I made a few tweaks, adding a bit of light, taking down some highlights on the crown, toning down the background texture, and fixing some pearls that were damaged.

At District judging “My Fairy Dogmother” scored an 88 and then was challenged. 88 was already the highest score I’d ever received in competition. Imagine my surprise when one of the judges insisted that this image deserved a 100. A ONE HUNDRED. I started crying. Seriously. Ugly sobbing tears. The judges rescored and I ended up with a 97; what we call an auto-loan. Images with 95 and above don’t get rejudged at International. They go straight through. This was officially an IPC Loan Image. I was on cloud nine for a week afterward and I still get a little verklempt thinking about it.  The image then went on to win third place in the overall Grand Imaging Awards, the Oscars of the photography world!

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