PRESS RELEASE | Grove City, OH – Photographer Danica Barreau has gone to the dogs. To be fair, she’s a professional pet photographer so that’s nothing surprising. Mrs. Barreau is a certified professional photographer working out of a small home studio in central Ohio who recently started working on a new personal project called “Fairytails”. “I love old fairytales and I wanted to incorporate some of my dog models into the stories,” said the artist. It all started when she was coming up with ideas for a children’s book and took some photographs of her deaf English Setter wearing a spectacular crown. The image, named “My Fairy Dogmother”, was a hit with her fan following and won multiple awards. It’s also been named one of the top ten pet portraits in this year’s Grand Imaging Awards hosted by the Professional Photographers of America. Mrs. Barreau’s latest image is an homage to “The Princess and the Pea” featuring a tower of the eco-friendly Molly Mutt dog beds. She quickly explained that the dog was never in any danger of falling. The image is a composite; the dog was photographed lying on the top two beds and then composited onto a second image with the remaining beds. Mrs. Barreau’s digital artistry skills have earned her several medals in International Print Competition and she doesn’t hesitate to tweak the images to match her imagination.   Keep an eye out for the completed project coming next spring. In the meantime, you can find Mrs. Barreau’s book about English Setters, “Setterly Yours: A Photographic Introduction to The English Setter” on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobles. For more information about her photography and artwork, visit pouka.com.

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I'm an internationally award-winning pet photographer, digital artist, and author. My chili has won a few trophies as well! I live in Grove City, Ohio with a multitude of pets and a very patient school teacher. I love meeting new people and am more than happy to chat about dogs and photography.

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