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What is a Commemorative Painting?

As much as our pets mean to us, it’s frequently not until they’ve left us that we realize we don’t have a great image to provide us with comfort. Half of the images aren’t even printed, just languishing on our cell phones. While I would love to provide you with a photographic session, due to distance or time, that’s not always possible. The solution is a commemorative painting. Paintings can provide joy and consolation to those enduring the loss of a loved one, reminding them of good times, smiles, and love.
I can work from reference images, even the ones on your cell phone, to create a painting celebrating your pet that you will cherish and display proudly in your home. I’m also frequently approached by those who want to give a custom painting to a friend or family member. While most of my subjects are pets, I’ve also been commissioned to paint people and even homes. I paint digitally, on a computer, using digital brushes and paints. Some of the benefits of a digital painting is that they can be printed to any size and on any surface and I can make minor changes even after you see your proof. You can also have multiple copies if you’d like. Once painted, the file is provided to a print vendor that works exclusively with photographers and artists to create archival products. If desired, I can also have the image professionally matted and framed so that it’s ready to hang upon arrival. My goal is to provide you with a finished piece of wall art that you absolutely love. I am an internationally award-winning digital artist and was recently named the 2018 Artist of the Year by the Professional Photographers of Ohio. I am constantly working on improving my skills and finding new and better ways to provide my clients with my best possible work. For more information, go to or view my portfolio at  And I’m always happy to answer your questions if you email me at!
People always say to take a lot of pictures and capture memories. That if you don’t you might regret not having moments to look back on. These words fell true when my sweet Hanna became ill and I realized I didn’t have very many “decent” photos of her.  I contacted Danica to see if she could work with any of the photos I had.  Thanks to her amazing talents with digital painting, Danica was able to salvage a mediocre photo of my sweet girl and turn it into a gorgeous piece of art that I will cherish for many years.

Painesville, OH

I was so very impressed and happy with Danica’s work on the picture of my English Setter Bucky that I got my mom one of her Golden Retriever for Mothers Day! So much talent! You will not be disappointed! Thank you Danica for making my boy Bucky shine bright!!


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I'm an internationally award-winning pet photographer, digital artist, and author. My chili has won a few trophies as well! I live in Grove City, Ohio with a multitude of pets and a very patient school teacher. I love meeting new people and am more than happy to chat about dogs and photography.

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