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I still get comments about how “Oh, I could do that with a filter” and “that’s not art” so I decided to do an experiment and compare two filters – one free and readily available, one higher end that’s used frequently in the artist community – with my own painting. The image to the right is the one that I received to paint.

This is Angel who recently passed away; her owners wanted a portrait of her. The painting took approximately three hours to complete and will be printed on fine art paper and framed. Zero filters were used in the completion of the image – every stroke is done by hand using a tablet and stylus.

There is a time and place for filters and I’ve done some great work with them in the past. But rest assured that every piece of art you receive from me is absolutely unique and cannot be replicated by any filter.

Image painted with the free “one button click” filter.

Image painted with the higher end filter.

Image painted digitally by hand.

The completed painting.

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