| Double Dog Dare |


I was approached to do a custom composition in the style of my personal projects. This isn’t something I do often because it’s very time-consuming and personal. But I was willing to give it a try as it was a gift for a special friend. I was given the general parameters and a choice of multiple photographs, most of which were culled from Facebook. I ran into an unexpected issue when I decided to sketch the dogs’ right side – they’re both show dogs and almost exclusively photographed from their left side! I sketched out the idea while chatting with the client and then sent a final sketch for approval before beginning the composite. We went through a couple edits – changing the background and tweaking some of the details – before the painting was officially done. I call it “Double Dog Dare”. 

Initial sketch while chatting with the client.

Final sketch before beginning compositing.

Final painting.

Painting printed on fine art paper and mounted on 1/4″ styrene.