Why should I print my images?

It is so easy for older generations to pull down a box of old family photos, take the photo album off the shelf, or point to the family portrait on the wall to reminisce. Unfortunately, our generation and regrettably, generations to come, don’t have that advantage. Thousands of pictures are left to perish on smart phones, leaving you with nothing to hold between your fingertips.

I believe that photography is best appreciated and enjoyed once it is printed, and it’s a lost art that we are moving away from. We need to bring it back. We are the most photographed generation, yet we enjoy those photographs the least.

Technology comes and goes. What if all you had from your grandparents’ wedding was a floppy disk of their wedding pictures? Would you be able to even look at them today? There have been a lot of warnings from people more tech-saavy than myself about the loss of data as technologies evolve. The most stable solution? Print your photos.

A printed portrait hanging in your home is something that you can enjoy every day. An album is something you can sit on a couch with and reminisce, without the distraction of Facebook notifications and email apps bouncing on the bottom of your screen. Looking at photographs in print allows us to slow down and enjoy them on their own and without distraction or limitation.

I archive session photos as well as I am able so that you can come back to me in two or five or ten years and ask for reprints. But there’s always the possibility of data failure or technological obsolescence. Your professionally printed photographs are on archival paper and could last for 200 years or more. I can’t guarantee that kind of digital immortality. Printing your images as soon as possible is the best solution.

If you have your own family or pet photos that aren’t in great shape or aren’t what you would consider “frameable”, then let me paint them for you so that they’ll be something you can hang on your walls with pride.

Digital Art Pricing

Printed Digital Arts runs between $90 and $620. Once we decide on a size and medium and any additions such as composites and international shipping, I can give you an accurate quote.

Photography Pricing

You’re not just investing in pretty photos of your pets… you’re investing in having your memories captured flawlessly, an amazing and FUN portrait experience, and a completely custom experience to fit your vision and needs.

Your Session Fee of $150 includes:

  • On Location photography session
  • Up to two pets
  • Up to two hours of shooting time
  • Weekend booking dates
  • Anywhere within 40 miles of Grove City, OH – 43123
  • Customized ordering session

Your session fee does not include any printed products or digital images.

Product orders are placed after you’ve viewed your final edited images. Clients invest between $400 and $1,200 on a session. Credit card payments and interest-free payment plans are available.

Session Fees are used to reserve your appointment and are due before the portrait session.

Session fee refunds for cancellations:

  • A month or more before your scheduled photo shoot: %100
  • A week before: 50%
  • Less than a week or no shows: 0%
What's a Session Fee and why do you charge it?

Each photography portrait session is unique. Creating art from your pet’s life story requires time, technical expertise, and creativity. When hiring a photographer to do custom work, you’re not just paying a “sitting fee” to commission someone behind a tripod to release a shutter. You are investing in an artist’s time and talent to capture your pet in a creative light.

Before each session, I spend 2-3 hours in session coordination, client consultations, emailing and planning your shoot. After each custom portrait session with a client, I spend an additional 4-6 hours color correcting, editing and preparing your custom images and presenting your gallery; plus additional time designing and preparing images and products to be ordered, receiving and delivering your products. A typical time investment is between 8-15 hours for each custom portrait session. To ensure that your portraits are as stunning as previous clients, I am continuously attending workshops and classes, investing in new equipment, investing in production cost and business expenditures. I enjoy every minute of it.

In short, all clients pay a Session Fee to commission me for my time and talent in capturing your memories.

What does a photography session entail?

You’re not just investing in pretty photos of your pets… you’re investing in having your memories captured flawlessly, an amazing and FUN portrait experience, and a completely custom experience to fit your vision and needs.

My goal is to leave you with not just photographs but fine art to grace your walls and enjoy long after your time together has passed. Your order is customized to provide you with what is most important to you – whether it be a large canvas with your pet’s favorite expression that makes you smile every time you walk past it, or a stunning album with a collection of your favorite images that you can cherish for years to come.

When you’ve decided you want to book, fill out the contact form and include your preferred dates. I have Saturday and Sunday sessions available with the occasional weeknight. For outdoor sessions, I prefer late afternoon, a few hours before sunset for the best soft warm light.  We can also do very early morning sessions if need be. Indoor sessions are available throughout the day.

Once you’ve booked and we’ve settled on a date and time, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out telling me about what you have in mind for your session, a contract to sign, and send you a link to pay your session fee.

On the day of the shoot, I will arrive with a car full of equipment at the location we’ve chosen. I will spend some time setting up and getting your pet used to me and the equipment. There’s no rush; if your pet is shy or timid, we can sit around and chat until they become acquainted with me. If they’re very active we might play around to tire them out first.

I will work to capture the unique character of your pet – maybe that funny half-smile or the head tilt that makes your heart melt.

As the owner, your job is to relax and enjoy the experience! Dogs are amazing at reading human body language – as the mother of two deaf dogs, I assure you that we are open books! So to keep the dog calm, you need to be calm, too. Understand that this shoot will probably not go smoothly. It’s totally OK. I’m familiar with dogs who like to pee on my equipment or who suddenly refuse to acknowledge years of obedience training. We’ll make it work.  If you think your dog isn’t well behaved enough for a photo session, take a look at some of the outtakes!!

If we’re doing an outdoor shoot and the weather proves unsuitable, we’ll simply reschedule the session to another day at no extra charge.

  • After the session I carefully select and edit the very best images.  During this process, one or two of my favorites may be posted as “sneak peeks” on Facebook, often within a couple of days. Make sure you follow my Pouka Fine Art Pet Portraits Facebook page so you don’t miss these!
  • Once I’ve finished editing your images, usually within two weeks of your session, we will make an appointment to meet again so that you can browse through the final images at your leisure and decide on what beautiful products would look best in your home!

Depending on what you order, your beautiful art will be ready in 3-6 weeks! I will either deliver it to you personally or we can have it shipped directly to you, ready to hang!

If you have any additional questions that aren’t listed here, please feel free to contact me using the form below.

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