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An autographed copy of “Setterly Yours: A Photographic Introduction to the English Setter”, winner of the 2017 silver award for best pet/animal book from the Independent Publisher. This is the larger coffee table 12×12 in hardbound version. It has 86 full-color pages printed on high quality glossy paper. Since these copies are ordered on demand, there is 3-4 week turn-around.

Whether you’re already a fan of the breed or want to learn a bit more about the magnificently spotted English Setter, this exquisite, full-color book is certain to be an outstanding addition to your library. Beautifully illustrated with photographs, “Setterly Yours” provides an overview of this elegant dog and showcases the incredible variety within the breed. Simply written, informative text covers the English Setter’s history and characteristics, but it’s the stunning photographs which will make you fall in love with these remarkable dogs.

The author, Danica Barreau, is an international award-winning pet photographer and digital artist with a passion for English Setters. She wrote, compiled, and published “Setterly Yours” to provide a different type of information about English Setters to prospective families. Featuring over 150 professional photographs, this book covers a brief history of the breed, the physical characteristics, personalities, grooming requirements, health issues, as well as the availability of the breed in rescue. This book differs from other books about English Setters by providing information on manyof the multiple bloodlines as well as illustrating the great physical variety in the breed in beautiful detailed photographs. The breed is approached from the viewpoint of a family pet as well as a hunting companion and show dog.

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Danica Barreau is an internationally award-winning pet photographer, digital artist, and author. She lives in Grove City, Ohio with a multitude of dogs (including a suspiciously small cat-like one) and a very patient school teacher. Danica loves meeting new people and would be more than happy to chat about dogs and photography. Feel free to use the contact buttons above to get in touch with her and she'll respond as soon as she can get the dog off her lap. She prefers email and messaging but go ahead and give her a ring at 614-678-3058 for good measure. She'll have to find the phone first so please be patient...