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Real Estate Photography

I am a certified professional photographer and I offer my services to real estate agents, builders, and owners in the Central Ohio area. I use a combination of HDR and flash images to create a clean but natural look that showcases your clients’ homes and gets them sold quickly. I am based in Grove City, I have a flexible schedule, and a 48 hour turn-around. I can provide a single exterior shot by end of day so that you can get your home up as soon as possible! I am licensed and insured.

Contact me to talk about your next sale and how I can help!

Process: I will do a walk-through of the house when I arrive. Please point out any areas you do not want photographed or points of interest that you would like highlighted. I will then set up my equipment and begin taking images. On average, this will take an hour.

Photography Rates: Each photo shoot is unique but my base pricing is a flat rate with additional charges for video. Feel free to message or email me using the links below with questions.

Misconceptions: Many people think that I show up, snap a few photos, take them home to download, and my work is done. Not even close. I might only take an hour or so to photograph a property, but the real work begins when I get home. Photographing a 1,500 ft2 house can often be an eight hour day of photo editing.

About Me: I am a Certified Professional Photographer specializing in classic portraits but I freelance in Real Estate. I spent my first three years at university studying Architecture before graduating with a degree in Interior Design so I have a soft spot for the architectural side of photography. I shoot in the “flambient” style, mixing multiple bracket HDR exposures with flash to create a natural looking high definition image.

Agents, please give yourself enough time to run through the check list below before I arrive.

No Construction, Workers, Pets, or Unnecessary People: Please schedule the photo shoot so I’m not shooting around people, pets/children that run in the shot, or waiting for paint to dry so I can walk into the room and shoot it.

Lights On, Fans Off, Toilet Seats Down, Beds Made, Rooms Cleaned: It is a great help to me if all the lights are ON when I arrive. Sometimes I spend more time trying to find where a light switch is than I do photographing a room. I realize that some properties are never going to make the cover of Architectural Digest, and not every house is going to be sparkling clean, but having it decluttered is helpful. Keep in mind that I’m not there to clean the place or move trash cans, and for sanitary reasons, I do not touch bedding, bathroom toilets, or shower areas.

Remove Vehicles, Trash Cans, Hoses: (unless you want them in the shot) Please ensure that trash cans and cars are out of the driveway.

Photoshop: This is not a magical word that cleans the house. It’s true that I can edit out certain things, but nothing is more irritating than hearing “Can’t you photoshop that out?” if it’s something that can easily be moved before shooting. What takes you 30 seconds to move out of the way, could take me hours to edit later. I reserve Photoshop edits for emergency situations which can’t be corrected in person.

These images may be used only for the sale of the property and only by the Real Estate Agent or Broker who paid for the images. The usage of the image cannot transfer to any other party unless a written agreement is obtained from the photographer. The licensing agreement is valid only for the duration of the property listing and cannot be reused without specific written permission. Licensing may be obtained for various applications of images – please contact info@pouka.com for more details.  The photographer retains all ownership and copyright of the photos, and the right to use the photos for self-promotion as a Real Estate Photographer. The images cannot be altered in any way from the original sent image file.

The Agent or Broker may not sell images to another agent who takes over a listing. Failure to pay for the images will result in a copyright infringement/violation. You will be asked to remove the image from any electronic or printed form of advertisement. Failure to comply will result in legal action.

Builders, Stagers, Designers and others who wish to use images taken by the photographer should contact info@pouka.com for specific licensing information.

Photographs sent to Publications should be credited as “Danica Barreau” or “Pouka Art and Photography” – a link to “pouka.com” would be ideal but is not required.

Photo Usage for Vacation Rental Properties: License is on a 2-Year Term. Renewing for another 2 Year Term is exactly half the original cost.

Even a new cell phone with a good camera cannot reproduce the effect of a professional photographer using equipment calibrated specifically for real estate photography. Don’t delay your sales by using substandard images!

Kitchen with cell phone Kitchen image from professional

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