Local Artist Named GIA Finalist

“Daydreaming” by Danica Barreau of Pouka Art & Photography
GIA finalist in the “Animal” category

PRESS RELEASE: Local Artist Named GIA Finalist  Grove City, OH — Grove City resident Danica Barreau was awarded a platinum and a silver medal at this year’s International Photographic Competition and is a finalist in the Grand Imaging Awards hosted by the Professional Photographers of America. Winners will be announced in January during an award ceremony in Nashville, TN.

Mrs. Barreau was recently conferred the degree of Master Artist and her photographs and paintings of local pets earned her the American Society of Photographers state “Elite” award, as well as being named the 2019 Photographer of the Year and 2019 Artist of the Year by the Professional Photographers of Ohio. Two of her works were accepted into the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition and one of them was purchased by the Ohio Arts Council to be part of their permanent collection.

More of Mrs. Barreau’s work can be viewed at the Arts in the Alley Fine Art and Photography Exhibitions in Grove City, September 21st and 22nd.

“The Peace Offering” by Danica Barreau of Pouka Art & Photography
GIA finalist in the “Creative Open” category

IPC 2019 Results

Well, it’s that time of year again! The grand finale of the photographic print competition season – PPA’s International Photographic Competition. The final judging of over 5,600 images happened last week (August 18 – August 23) in Atlanta Georgia. Six intense days of anticipation, stress, disappointment, and joy.

Photographers submit a “case” of four images in up to three different competitions: Portrait Open, Master Artist, and Wedding. I’ve been competing in the first two for four years. Scores determine if your image will be accepted (or not accepted) into PPA’s “General/Merit Collection” or the prestigious “Loan Collection”. Placement in those collections also earns you merits or credits towards four degrees offered by PPA. Last year I had enough merits to get my Master Artist Degree and this year, I have enough to get my Master Photographer degree in January (pending PPA approval)!

In the Portrait competition, one of my images joined the Merit Collection and three of my images “loaned” or joined the Loan Collection! That’s the best I have EVER done in competition and I’m very proud of that accomplishment. This means that I am an International Photographic Competition Platinum Medalist! That’s the gravy on top of getting my Master’s degree!

In the Artist competition, three of my images joined the Merit Collection and one of my images will be in the Loan Collection! So I am a Silver Medalist in the Artist competition.

This was a great competition season for me and I couldn’t have done it without the support and advice from our extremely tight-knit pet photographer community. In a niche which is often overlooked, they are standing tall and making waves. This year was the best ever for animal portraits! Congratulations to everyone who competed!!

Portrait Case

Artist Case