JUST IMAGINE…     only having images of something you love

on your cell phone or sitting in a cloud


WHAT IF….      I could give you a beautiful piece of art to preserve that memory

so you could glance up and see it

 every   single   day.

|  Heirloom artwork from your reference photos  |

Internationally award-winning PPA Master Artist and professional photographer Danica Barreau uses your photographs to create beautiful art that you can proudly display in your home.

Technology comes and goes. Don’t let your precious family memories get lost on old drives or extinct disks. Preserve your stories with a digital painting that will be handed down from one generation to the other. Together, we will create beautiful, tangible, and long-lasting artwork.

Thanks to her amazing talents with digital painting, Danica was able to salvage a mediocre photo of my sweet girl and turn it into a gorgeous piece of art that I will cherish for many years.

Marcie in Ohio

I was so very impressed and happy with Danica’s work on the picture of my English Setter Bucky that I got my mom one of her Golden Retriever for Mothers Day! So much talent! You will not be disappointed!

Erin in Michigan

Danica is such an incredible visionary – greater than anyone I have ever worked with before! She took my simple specs and turned them into an amazing work of art! Tears of joy and gratitude for the beauty of what Danica created and thankfulness for such an easy work process!

Lynn in Washington

In addition to the prints and calendars, I have a cherished digital painting that Danica created for me after the loss of one of my very dear pups. I could not have asked for a more beautiful piece of work to hang on my wall to honor my dear Abbott.

Jennifer in Florida

|  original prints and books  |

Danica Barreau is a Certified Professional Photographer as well as a devoted animal lover. She uses the photographs she takes to create whimsical digital art. Visit the Personal Projects page to see some of her works and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how they were created. Danica is also the author of the award-winning “Setterly Yours: A Photographic Introduction to The English Setter”. Prints and books are available in the shop.




"Setterly Yours: A Photographic Introduction to The English Setter" features over 150 professional photographs and covers a brief history of the breed, the physical characteristics, personalities, grooming requirements, health issues, as well as the availability of the breed in rescue.  This book differs from other books about English Setters by providing information on many of the multiple bloodlines as well as illustrating the great physical variety in the breed in beautiful detailed photographs.

"Setterly Yours" was recently awarded a silver medal by the Independent Publishers and will be a beautiful addition to any English Setter lover's library!



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