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Digital Paintings



Allow me to paint with pixels and create a commemorative portrait of a loved one from your own photographs.



Digital painting is a method in which the artist uses a computer and digital stylus to transform a photograph with different brushstrokes and filters and create an image that appears to have been traditionally painted. The advantage of a digital painting is that it can be re-sized and printed on any medium desired. The painting process is so forgiving that even a small cell phone image can be turned into a frame-able work of art. Of course, the best results will still come from larger high resolution images that provide more pixel information to work with.

This is not a “one-button” process. It can take hours to bring out details in dark photographs, clone out backgrounds, and then meticulously build up layers of digital “paint” with different sized brushstrokes and textures.

The majority of my paintings are done from a single image but, if you would like to have subjects from multiple reference photographs in the finished product, I can composite them together.

The creation of a digital painting – short video

Use the sliders to see the original images and the finished painting below


Danica is such an incredible visionary – greater than anyone I have ever worked with before! She took my simple specs and turned them into an amazing work of art!

Tears of joy and gratitude for the beauty of what Danica created and thankfulness for such an easy work process! Lynn Neff

Kennewick, WA

Danica has an incredible eye and way of telling a story through her photography and editing skills and digital paintings. Not a single detail is missed. Every year I cannot wait to see my “Finch” calendar! I have not had a year of disappointment yet! In addition to the prints and calendars, I have a cherished digital painting that Danica created for me after the loss of one of my very dear pups. I could not have asked for a more beautiful piece of work to hang on my wall to honor my dear Abbott. Jennifer Haverty

Tampa, FL

People always say to take a lot of pictures and capture memories. That if you don’t you might regret not having moments to look back on. These words fell true when my sweet Hanna became ill and I realized I didn’t have very many “decent” photos of her.  I contacted Danica to see if she could work with any of the photos I had.   Thanks to her amazing talents with digital painting, Danica was able to salvage a mediocre photo of my sweet girl and turn it into a gorgeous piece of art that I will cherish for many years. Marcie Pollack

Painesville, OH